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Welcome to the page of the e-Ticketing Schemes Association in Public Transport (e-TSAP).

The Association was founded in November 2011 and its goal is to facilitate knowledge-sharing between e-Ticketing Schemes in Public Transport.

Membership is open to Public Transport Authorities, Public Transport Operators, e-Ticketing Scheme Providers and e-Ticketing Standards Organisations involved in the development or operation of an e-Ticketing scheme for Public Transport.

ACCEPT Institute acts as the secretary to the Association.


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23rd - 24th October 2024 in Dublin

Currently (April 2024) the Association has the following members:

  1. Agence de l'Innovation pour les Transports (France)
  2. Belgian Mobility Company (Belgium)
  3. Entur (Norway)
  4. Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  5. National Entitlement Card Programme / Transport Scotland (Scotland)
  6. National Transport Authority (Ireland)
  7. Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S (Denmark)
  8. Samtrafiken (Sweden)
  9. Translink (Northern Ireland)
  10. Translink (the Netherlands)
  11. Waltti Solutions (Finland)
  12. VDV eTicket Service (Germany)
  13. Public Transport Administration (Luxembourg)

For more information about the Association, becoming a member etc. please contact ACCEPT Institute in the Netherlands, who acts as the secretary of the Association: info@acceptinstitute.eu