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Welcome to the page of the e-Ticketing Schemes Association in Public Transport (e-TSAP).

The Association was founded in November 2011 and its goal is to facilitate knowledge-sharing between e-Ticketing Schemes in Public Transport.

Membership is open to Public Transport Authorities, Public Transport Operators, e-Ticketing Scheme Providers and e-Ticketing Standards Organisations involved in the development or operation of an e-Ticketing scheme for Public Transport.

ACCEPT Institute acts as the secretary to the Association.


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8th - 9th November 2023 in OSLO

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Currently (September 2023) the Association has the following members:

  1. Agence de l'Innovation pour les Transports (France)
  2. Belgian Mobility Card (Belgium)
  3. Entur (Norway)
  4. Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  5. National Entitlement Card Programme / Transport Scotland (Scotland)
  6. National Transport Authority (Ireland)
  7. Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S (Denmark)
  8. Samtrafiken (Sweden)
  9. Translink (Northern Ireland)
  10. Translink (the Netherlands)
  11. TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy (Finland)
  12. VDV eTicket Service (Germany)
  13. Public Transport Administration (Luxembourg)

For more information about the Association, becoming a member etc. please contact ACCEPT Institute in the Netherlands, who acts as the secretary of the Association: info@acceptinstitute.eu