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ACCEPT Institute will focus on the following activities:


Further development of standards for interoperable and traveller centric account-based travelling in an open eco-system.

Support e-ticketing schemes

The Institute acts as the secretary to the e-Ticketing Schemes Association in Public Transport (e-TSAP). The number of participants to this association has grown to 15. It is the goal of the Institute to maintain a good functioning of the association as well as the growth of the association. 

Furthermore, the Institute will continue to provide support to e-ticketing schemes and authorities on several aspects, like innovation, (public) tender, standards and security. For this the Institute will have Framework Agreements in place with its partners.

Operational support European interoperable account-based ticketing

Mobility as a Service
As of 2019 the Institute provides routing services for the Dutch MaaS program, please visit this dedicated page for more information.
As of 2022 the Institute provides support and its Router Infrastructure to the Dutch province of Zeeland for their MaaS project.

Cross-border Project
Between the provinces of North-Rhine Westphalia (Germany) and the province of Limburg (The Netherlands) a cross-border project has been developed, which has gone live in 2022. For more information about this project, please visit this dedicated page.

European Travellers Club project (2015 - 2019)

In 2015 the Institute successfully applied for funding from the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 Transport Programme and has been awarded a grant for the project "The European Travellers Club". The Institute will continue to provide services (eg. token issuance and management, transaction routing) towards its member schemes. 

This project has received funding from 
the European Union’s Horizon 2020 
research and innovation programme 
under grant agreement No. 636126.

In 2019 the ETC project was finalised and as a follow up the Institute: 

  • provided routing services to Verkéiersverbond in Luxembourg for its Park&Ride project between 2019 and 2021, and
  • provided routing services and coordination support to the easyConnect project in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) from 2019 onwards.


The Institute has the following partners in her network:
1. e-ticketing schemes (like VDV-eTS, BMC, Samtrafiken, etc.);
2. knowledge institutes, like universities, standard and certification bodies (TNO, RHUL); and
3. e-ticketing suppliers (hardware, software, services, consultancy).

The ACCEPT Institute is open for partnership-agreements, always on a non-exclusive basis. These partnership-agreements often are structured within a framework agreement. Currently we have the following partnerships:
• UL Transaction Security
• Rebel Ticketing

For the European Travellers Club (ETC) project, the ACCEPT Institute acted as the coordinator for a consortium of parties that consists of:
• Trans Link Systems, The Netherlands
• VDV-ETS, Germany
• Verkéiersverbond, Luxemburg
• UL Transaction Security, The Netherlands
• NXP, Austria

ACCEPT Institute advices the authorities in both Ireland and Luxembourg on their next steps in e-ticketing. For NTA in Ireland the Institute works together with Rebel Ticketing.