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Both Arriva and Translink decided to support (also financially) the further development and roll-out of the router infrastructure of ACCEPT. 

JULY 2023

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement awarded ACCEPT a contract for the further development and roll-out of its international router infrastructure. The contract runs until end of 2025.

JUNE 2023

The Supervisory Board of ACCEPT Institute is very pleased to announce that Claus Rehfeld Moshøj has accepted to take over as Chairman. Claus has been on the Supervisory Board since 2018. The Board would like to thank Arco Groothedde, who in the last 4 years led the Board through the challenging period of Covid.

Claus Rehfeld says that: “I am very honored by the trust that the members of the Supervisory Board have put in me. It is a very exciting time at ACCEPT Institute. ACCEPT is rolling out its breakthrough Router Technology. At the same time, knowledge sharing and networking within the European public ticketing companies is more important than ever. I really look forward to driving these two important agendas forward together with the board, Roel Testroote and his great team.”


The go-live of the cross-border project in the Aachen / Maastricht area.


The province of Zeeland awarded ACCEPT a contract for the development of a TOMP-router for the MaaS project in the province. Together with the project partners, Ximedes, RISA-IT and Nazza a solution will be developed to connect (small) transport operators to MaaS Service Providers. The project should go live in Q2 of 2023.


The Ministry of Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany (Ministerium für Verkehr des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen) has joined the ACCEPT Advisory Council. The North Rhine-Westphalia area is going to be represented by the transport authority of Aachen, the Aachener Verkehrsverbund (AVV), who will coordinate closely with the Ministry. AVV is the leading organization on the side of North Rhine-Westphalia for the easyConnect project and also coordinates other cross-border projects. 


ACCEPT Institute is happy to announce that Mr. Claus Rehfeld Moshøj has joined the Supervisory Board of ACCEPT. He is currently the CEO of Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S in Denmark. 

End of September ACCEPT Institute received the assignment to start with the implementation of the MaaS-NL-Router infrastructure in the province of Limburg (The Netherlands). The go-live of this cross-border MaaS Pilot is scheduled for end of 2021 and should be connected to the router infrastructure of the easyConnect project in Germany (see below). 

JULY 2020

ACCEPT Institute is happy to announce that Mr. Peter van Dijk has joined the Supervisory Board of ACCEPT. He is currently the CEO of Translink in The Netherlands. 

APRIL 2020

ACCEPT Institute starts with the implementation of their router infrastructure for the easyConnect project in Germany, region Nord-Rhein Westfalen, Aachen. The project is a follow up of the European Travellers Club project and intends to go live in Q2 of 2021. Next to account-based traveling in Germany it is the goal to also provide cross-border traveling with The Netherlands.



ACCEPT Institute organises a bi-annual conference of e-ticketing schemes who exchange experiences with respect to project implementation, technology and security. ACCEPT acts as a secretary to the e-Ticketing Scheme Association in Public transport. For more information about the Association, please visit www.e-tsap.net

The next meeting will take place in PARIS, FRANCE on 7th and 8th of October 2020 and will be hosted by AFIMB



On 7th of December 2018, ACCEPT Institute signed a Letter of Intent to further roll out the ETC concept and systems with its partners Translink (The Netherlands), Arriva (The Netherlands), VDV-ETS (Germany), AVV (Germany), NVR (Germany) and ASEAG (Germany).


6th of September 2018, Article CORDIS website: ' Major advance in EU-wide travel'; an interview with Roel Testroote (director of ACCEPT Institute). 

JUNE 2018

27th of June 2018, Article Eurekarail: ' Techniek klaar voor internationaal treinkaartje'; an interview with Roel Testroote (director of ACCEPT Institute).


On 15th of February 2018 the cross-border pilot was demonstrated to the Minister of Transport from Nord-Rhein Westfalen (Hendrik Wüst) and the representative of the Province of Limburg (gedeputeerde Hubert Mackus). Together with the ETC project partners the following press release (in German) was issued.


Demonstration of the cross-border pilot and workshop on Account-Based Travelling.


JUNE 2017

On 21 June 2017, Open Ticketing Institute together with Dutch transport operator Arriva presented the ETC project and its cross border pilot during the 'Dag van de Rail' conference in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Focus of this presentation are the cross border use cases and the benefits of Account-Based Traveling for travelers, e-ticketing schemes and operators. Please find the presentations: 'Cross-border public transport' and 'Cross-border travelling', available for download.