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In 2015 the Institute successfully applied for funding from the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 Transport Programme and has been awarded a grant for the project "The European Travellers Club” (see also www.europeantravellersclub.eu). 

We have provided - for you to download - the relevant deliverables below. Should you have any questions or interest in other deliverables please contact us via info@acceptinstitute.eu.

Overview deliverables

1. Deliverables Projectmanagement, Program Office & Reporting

D1.3: Final report 

D1.4: Close-out report

2. Deliverable Quality Assurance

D2.3: Test report

3. Deliverables Set Up ETC Governance and Franchise Network & Knowledge Sharing

D3.1: Statutes 

D3.2: Ecosystem ABT – The Business Canvas 

D3.3: Franchise Framework 

D3.4: ETC Business Plan 

D3.5: Business Case ABT 

D3.6: Franchise Contracts

4. Deliverables Define & Plan for Traveller in control privacy solutions

D4.1: Privacy Reference Design 

D4.2 / D4.3: Smart Privacy Requirements / Audit Procedures

5. Deliverable Expand Travel Lab & Develop Use Cases

D5.3: Showcase Lab

6. Deliverables Define and Develop Authorisation & Routing Hub & Token Management

D6.1: Hub Design 

D6.2: Travel Scheme Hub 

D6.3: Interoperability Hub 

D6.5: Open Standards & Requirements

7. Deliverables Define and Develop Interoperable ID-Layer

D7.1: Interface Specification Document 

D7.5: Test Report GST 

D7.6: Low-cost Implementation Strategy

8. Deliverables Define and Demonstrate Interoperable Account Systems

D8.1: Functional Specifications Interoperable Account System 

D8.2: Demo-system Interoperable Account System 

D8.3: Open standards & Requirements for IAS

9. Deliverables Define and Demonstrate Interoperable Traveller Interface

D9.1: Funct. Specifications Interoperable Travellers Interface 

D9.2: Demo-system ITI 

D9.3: Open Standards & requirements

10. Deliverable Set Up Pilots

D10.2: Project Plan Pilots

11. Deliverables Dutch Pilot

D11.1: ABT systems & equipment

D11.2: Mobile Travel app

D11.3: Acceptance of the Dutch Account in Germany

D11.4: Acceptance of the German Account in The Netherlands

D11.5: Introduction of GST

12. Deliverables German Pilot

D12.1: Mobility Info

D12.2: Reservation & Ticketing Platform

D12.3: Fare Medium

D12.4: ABT equipment adaption

D12.5: Pilot

D12.6: Standards & Requirements for Germany

13. Deliverables Luxembourg Pilot

D13.1: Pilot Luxembourg

D13.2: Pilot Report Luxembourg

14. Deliverables Evaluate pilots

D14.2: End-to-End Test Report

D14.3: Pilot Report

This project has received funding from 
the European Union’s Horizon 2020 
research and innovation programme 
under grant agreement No. 636126.