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Mobility as a Service (Maas) | International Travel Demo

ACCEPT Institute was contracted by Dutch Ministry of Transport and Watermanagement to design and implement a demo (proof-of-concept). The demo is based upon the existing European Travellers Club (ETC) router infrastructure and demonstrates cross-border traveling. The example area that is used in the demo is Maastricht (The Netherlands) and Aachen (Germany), the same area as for the cross-border MaaS Pilot.

The goals of the demo are:

  • use a router infrastructure and uniform transaction format (MaaS Datastring in a MaaS Message) for communication between MaaS Service Providers and Transport Operators;
  • the demo needs to be international and address cross-border traveling; and
  • the demo should integrate the (current version of the) TOMP-API.

Movie below shows the demo, which consists of 3 parts (note: spoken part will start at minute 1:00):

  1. Part 1: Introduction and booking phase of the demo
  2. Part 2: Receival and processing of bookings at Transport Operators and Travel Right Stocks
  3. Part 3: The trip execution and conclusion of the demo, including a full overview of all messages sent