Account-Based Travelling for European Public Transport

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The name ACCEPT Institute refers to the mission of the Institute, which is the development and support of traveller-focussed and interoperable solutions for ‘ACCount-based travelling in European Public Transport’. 

ACCEPT Institute is founded in November 2017 and is the successor to the Open Ticketing Institute (OTI). OTI was the outgrowth of and initiative from Trans Links Systems from the Netherlands. Goal was to act as a knowledge centre for e-ticketing and cooperation between e-ticketing schemes and authorities in Europe.


Field of business

The ACCEPT Institute is active in the electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) field in public transport. Authorities, scheme providers and public transport operators have a need for an independent knowledge base and (more) cooperation. It is the goal of the Institute to provide this knowledge and base for cooperation.

History of ACCEPT Institute

In this overview the history of ACCEPT Institute is described.